NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, September 27, 2011

F-Secure ShareSafe Beta For Facebook Posted by Sean @ 14:53 GMT

Security applications and Facebook tend to mix together like oil and water.

Folks generally want to share when they're online — and not to worry about security. Many people don't use security tools if they prove to be too cumbersome.

Therefore, when attempting to develop a security application for Facebook… it had better not be boring. And that brings us to our new beta: F-Secure ShareSafe. The development team behind ShareSafe aims to build an entertaining Facebook app, with security benefits tagging along for the ride.

Here's a non-security use example: discovering popular links shared by the community.

top links

(You'll also earn badges by sharing via ShareSafe.)

Here's what your links will look like:


Besides discovering new links, earning badges, and having the comfort of mind that your own links have been vetted by F-Secure, beta users will also earn points that can be redeemed for stuff such as F-Secure Internet Security licenses.


Sounds pretty good, right? — Right.

Read about ShareSafe: http://on.fb.me/ShareSafeInfo
Give it a try: http://apps.facebook.com/sharesafe/