NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ChatSend Spam Campaign on Both Facebook and Twitter Posted by Sean @ 13:55 GMT

We're seeing a rather suspicious social spam run on both Facebook and Twitter today.

ChatSend Spam, Facebook

And apparently, it's been spreading for 5 days.

ChatSend Spam, Twitter

The social spam uses a bit.ly short link with various numerical parameters. And in an interesting move, the spam posts two links. (Perhaps this helps evade anti-spam filters?)

Depending on geo-IP and the link clicked, users are directed to chatpreview.me where they are offered "ChatSend", a browser toolbar plugin.

ChatSend Spam, chatpreview.me

Windows and Mac: both are welcome.

Nearly one million people have clicked on the spam link. There's no telling how many folks installed the download. As you can see from the bit.ly statistics, a large percentage of clicks are from India and the Philippines.

ChatSend Spam, Bit.ly stats

We reported the suspicious link to bitly.com and they are looking into the issue.