NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, February 3, 2012

Anonymous Leaks FBI Conference Call Posted by Sean @ 11:33 GMT

Breaking: a faction of Anonymous has released an MP3 recording of an FBI conference call which took place on January 17th.

During the call, which is currently posted on YouTube, members of the USA's FBI can be heard discussing several Anonymous and LulzSec related cases with investigators from the UK.

Anon/LulzSec Conference Call

Today's leak helps explain just how "Anonymous Sabu" (leader of the LulzSec group) appeared to have insider information regarding the postponement of Jake Davis a.k.a. Topiary's (LulzSec member) trial on January 27th.

Sabu appeared to have some sort of insider information.


And in fact, he did… Topiary's trial date and its delay was discussed during the conference call.

Anonymous has promised additional FBI related releases today. Those could also be quite interesting as it appears that an active member of the FBI's e-mail has somehow been compromised…

Stay tuned.