NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, July 9, 2012

DNSChanger Wrap Up Posted by Sean @ 14:17 GMT

Bye bye FBI. We can confirm that the DNS Changer Working Group's "clean DNS servers" are offline.

A popular move, at least based on last week's poll results:

DNSChanger poll results
Source: DNSChanger: should the F.B.I. be reauthorized to continue after July 9th?

But don't panic. According to reports, many major Internet Service Providers have configured their own substitute DNS servers and are continuing to work the problem.

The FBI is out — and ISPs are in. All in all, things are working out as they probably should in a case such as this. The infection count continues to decrease without a major crisis in support calls. (We've only received a couple from our own customers.)

Here's the top 20 country IP infection count from this weekend's data:

DNSChanger IP count
Source: @mikko

So, still some work to be done…

Kudos to the FBI and the DCWG for their efforts.

P.S. Checkout Mikko's "Case DNS Changer" collection on Pinterest for some interesting screenshots.