NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, July 9, 2012

Not Your Normal Skype Download Posted by Karmina @ 15:14 GMT

We recently stumbled upon a website that supposedly provides the application Skype for Android devices.

When visiting the website using an Android device, it shows an APK file (skype52_installer.apk) for download:

skype_apk (25k image)

However, accessing the website using an iOS device yields to the screenshot below:

skype_iphone (24k image)

The new application is being verified and deployed: skype.ipa
Checking iphone_free_space

Afterwards, it informs the user that the installation is "complete":

skype_iphone_confirm (25k image)

Installation complete!
The new application skype is ready to install!
Enter your phone number to protect against illegal usage of this application, and follow instructions in a SMS message.

At this point, there are still no new application installed in the device. As expected, even after entering a number, nothing happens.

skype_iphone_sms (47k image)

Installation complete!
A free SMS message with confirmation request has been sent to you.

If visited using any other devices except for Android or iOS, it prompts for a JAR file (skype52_installer.jar):

skype_jar (216k image)

Thanks to Dmitriy for the translation!