NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, August 31, 2012

The t2'12 Challenge: Do you have what it takes? Posted by Sean @ 12:48 GMT

Who is this woman?

The carder's girlfriend?

She (her homepage) is your first lead in cracking this year's t2'12 Challenge.


It's set to be released at 10:00 EEST on September 1st. That's 8:00 AM in the U.K. – so get a good night's sleep! And if you're on the east coast of North America, that's 3:00 AM – perhaps you should take a nap…

You'll need "ninja skills" to win the challenge. Here's the description from t2'12:

"A well known carder gang needs to be found and taken down, and it requires an investigator with ninja skills to do it."

"…each gang member possess a piece of an image file that is known to be incriminating evidence and enough to put the whole gang behind bars. The only lead we have is the homepage of a young woman who is supposedly the girlfriend of one the gang members. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find all gang members and their pieces of the image file."

Both speed and style can earn you a victory.

And your reward for success? Free tickets to the t2'12 infosec conference.


The authors of the t2'12 Challenge are Tomi Tuominen and our own Timo Hirvonen.


Good luck!

Update: the t2'12 challenge has been solved. But it's not to late… there's still a chance to win reward via style.