NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Q3 Mobile Threats in Play Posted by Sean @ 13:29 GMT

Our Q3 2012 Mobile Threat Report shows that we discovered more than 51,000 samples of Android malware during the third quarter.

Android Samples Q3, 2012

And we've been asked, how many of those were discovered in Google Play?

So here's a breakdown: there were 28,398 malicious samples, 146 came from Google Play; and there were 23,049 potentially unwanted software (PUA) samples, 13,639 came from Google Play.

Note: please remember that sample does not necessarily equal threat. Based on our detections, the number of "families" in the wild is actually down when compared to Q3 2011.

Q3MTR chart

The Android ecosystem is getting busy with plenty of "entrepreneurs" — but it is still far away from being the highly commoditized ecosystem that is Microsoft Windows.