NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, November 15, 2012

TED Talks For Geeks Posted by Mikko @ 08:36 GMT

TED Talks have reached a major milestone: its videos have now been viewed more than One Billion times. That's a lot. There are around 1000 talks, so that's an average of million views per talk. Which checks out, as my own TED Talk from 2011 has passed million views combined on ted.com, YouTube and Netflix.

As part of the celebrations, TED created a new service: TED Playlists. Everybody can now create a playlist of their favorite talks. And to launch the service, they asked some friends of TED to curate their own favorite playlists.

The good folks at TED were kind enough to ask me to do one, together with the likes of Bill Gates, Bono, Barbara Streisand, Peter Gabriel and Ben Affleck.

Mikko TED

So, my playlist is available here. It's mostly talks by geeks, for geeks… but there's also one talk about fish.

Thanks TED.

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