NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, January 11, 2013

The Forrester Wave + Software Updater Posted by Sean @ 15:23 GMT

Our Corporate Security Business team has been making a lot of smart decisions lately (or it seems so to us anyway). And that's reflected in this quarter's The Forrester Wave. Congrats guys!

Pekka Usva

Another decision we're rather pleased to see from our corporate folks is the implementation of a "software updater" feature into our business products. Because as anybody that regularly follows this blog knows, out of date software is vulnerable software. Something that helps an admin keep stuff up to date is a good feature.

We also enjoy the marketing allegory: If your software gets old, it'll spoil.


Who hasn't stared at the contents of their refrigerator pondering what food was about to go bad?

Anyway, today, the majority of our top detections are for exploits which target known vulnerabilities. It's better not to have the vulnerabilities to begin with.

And speaking of vulnerabilities: Java, if you use it, update now to version(s) 7.0, 7u10+! Then use the security tab in the control panel to disable Java in the browser. There's an unpatched vulnerability that's being used by popular exploit kits.

Our antivirus, detects the exploit as Exploit:Java/Majava.C.