NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, January 23, 2013

University Courses on Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis Posted by SuGim @ 08:56 GMT

Today marks the commencement of the first lecture for our spring 2013 semester Reverse Engineering Malware course for the Aalto University (Espoo campus) in Finland.

As with the previous courses we've done, this program is taught by researchers from our Helsinki Security Lab. The program teaches students about what malicious code is, how it can be analyzed, and how to reverse engineer executable code for different platforms, such as Windows and Android. Students will explore a variety of topics, including binary obfuscation and exploits. The course will also include non-technical topics such as ethics and legal issues related to information security.

As is usual for our courses, students get a very hands-on approach to learning, which includes solving reverse engineering puzzles like the one created by our own researchers below:


On the other side of the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – where our other Security Lab is located – we are also collaborating with lecturers from Monash University's School of Information Technology (Sunway Campus) to launch a similar course.


For the first time, students will be offered a Malware Analysis course, with a syllabus that places a greater focus on analyzing malware targeting the Android platform.

This course will include brand new lecture and lab materials to help students gain a broader perspective of this field and develop the specialized skills needed for analyzing malware. Subjects covered in the lectures and lab sessions include understanding the Android security framework, its operating and file systems and static and dynamic analysis of malware.