NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, February 28, 2013

RSA Conference: Ransomware + Mitigating Botnets Posted by Sean @ 12:49 GMT

RSA Conference USA 2013 is taking place this week.

On Wednesday, our Antti Tikkanen and Paolo Palumbo gave a talk called: Ransomware Attacks!

RSA HTA-W23, Ransomware Attacks!
Slides available here. [PDF]

Here's a view of the ZeroAccess botnet:


The screenshot was taken from a KML file that maps over 200 thousand unique bots (which is just fraction of ZA).

And that brings us to Mikko's RSA talk: New Ways of Mitigating Botnets

RSA BR-R33, New Ways of Mitigating Botnets
Slides available here. [PDF]

Here's Mikko fighting some "bots" in preparation for his talk:

Mikko playing Space Invaders