NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Flash Exploit Targets Uyghur Website Posted by Karmina @ 18:47 GMT

It seems that attacks against Uyghur haven't stopped. We have recently encountered a compromised Uyghur website that renders a malicious flash exploiting the CVE-2013-0634 vulnerability.

site (472k image)

The flash file contains two DLL files each embedded with EXE binaries. One DLL is for 32-bit systems, while the other appears to be for 64-bit systems.

hiew (75k image)

The executable binaries are also digitally signed with different certificates.

cert (116k image)

The sample signed with the invalid certificate from MGAME Corp. was the same one analyzed by FireEye more than a month ago. The other binary queries blog.sina.com.cn for updates.

Similar samples of these threats were also seen used in Tibetan targeted attacks.

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Post by — Karmina and @Timo