NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Facebook Claims it's a "Bug" Posted by Sean @ 09:32 GMT

Yesterday's post noted the disappearance of Facebook's option to clear searches.

Late last night, I spoke with Zach Miners, of IDG News Service. He investigated the situation and was told by Facebook:

"Its disappearance was caused by a bug and was not intentional."

Zach Miners, IDG News

A bug?

Really. What a complete load of bollocks. When your company motto is "Move Fast and Break Things", I'm rather more inclined to believe it's a case of oversight, human error, and/or incompetence.


Or perhaps "bug" is Facebook lingo for "oops, my bad"?

Seriously Facebook… STOP MOVING SO FAST!

When it comes to security and privacy controls: done is — NOT — better than perfect.