NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bad Bad Piggies On Google Play Posted by Sean @ 15:11 GMT

One of these things is not like the others.

Bad Bad Piggies

No, not the "Full Guide" — we're referring to the "Bad Pigs" by Dan Stokes.

The app's description:

Bad Bad Piggies

Wow. More than 10,000 installs since May 25, 2013.

AppBrain, an Android app portal, doesn't correct for relevance, so "Bad Pigs" ranks first.

Bad Bad Piggies

Dan's contact address is: hgfdhsdgjhd@gmail.com.

That's fishy.

Bad Bad Piggies

AppBrain has a very nice feature which lists "Concerns" as well as permissions required.

Bad Bad Piggies

Boy, that's a long list of extra permissions. These particular piggies aren't just bad — they're evil.

Dan Stokes has a few other apps as well.

Bad Bad Piggies

"Fruit Chop Ninja" also has more than 10,000 installs.

And here's an interesting note: the app ID, and therefore the URL, includes the word "Rovio".

Bad Bad Piggies

Our Mobile Security product detects and blocks this as Android/FakeInst.CI.

We've reported the issue to Google (and Rovio) and the apps are no longer indexed by Google's search.

Stay safe out there.