NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fake Antivirus Scan Scam Via Google Play App Ads Posted by Sean @ 12:39 GMT

Yesterday, we wrote about some very bad piggies: pirated Rovio software being used to push unwanted ads at Google Play users.

What kind of ads?

Here's an example from an ad-network we've been tracking since we came across it back in March.

Yesterday, the ad-network directed Finnish IP addresses to an ad for a poker game app.

But today, the ad redirects to a fake "antivirus" scam:

Android virus-a.akeji.d Android virus-a.akeji.d

The scam's Finnish localization sucks…

…at least until you scroll down to the legal disclaimer at the bottom which claims it's all for "entertainment" purposes.

Android virus-a.akeji.d Android virus-a.akeji.d

Just enter your phone number for the service and…


Fifteen euro a week? Do not want.

Stay Safe Out There