NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Geography of Malware Posted by Sean @ 13:19 GMT

Yesterday, Google announced on its Online Security Blog that it will now include Safe Browsing statistics in its Transparency Report.

The Safe Browsing Malware Dashboard is fascinating.

Here's last week's Malware Distribution by Autonomous System, using just the "Attack Sites" filter:

The location of the attack sites by AS?

  •  USA
  •  Russia
  •  Ukraine

Hmm, the USA (San Diego) is at the top.

And now let's look at one year's time range:

And the locations?

  •  Transnistria
  •  Romania
  •  Latvia

Specialist Ltd in Transnistria?

A search for that yields a result from Dynamoo's Blog:

"Transnistria, a breakaway part of the former Soviet Republic of Moldavia. No UN members recognise Transnistria, and effectively it sits beyond the reach of international law enforcement."

There's always something new to learn regarding the geography of malware…

A picture gallery from Telegraph.co.uk: Welcome to Transnistria: a Soviet breakaway territory in Eastern Europe