NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bitcoin to Mikko's 50,000th Twitter Follower Posted by Mikko @ 12:24 GMT

I started on Twitter in March 2009.

Twitter archive of @mikko from 2009 to 2013

I never would have thought this to happen, but I've gained a remarkable amount of followers since. Thank You. In fact, with almost 50,000 followers, I'm actually one of the most followed Finns on Twitter.

Follower count from 0 to 50,000

So I want to give something back.

My 50,000th follower will get a physical Bitcoin coin worth 1 BTC, made by Casascius.

Casascius 1 Bitcoin coin

But rewarding my latest follower and ignoring all the rest wouldn't be fair. So, I'll give another 1 BTC coin to a random follower.

The winners will also get a copy of Thomas Rid's new book Cyber War Will Not Take Place.

Cyber War Will Not Take Place by Thomas Rid

Rules and conditions: I select who wins. No complaints. Winners get the coins and books via mail.