NEWS FROM THE LAB - Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Listening: BBC Playlist Posted by Sean @ 10:37 GMT

"There are now three certainties in life — there's death, there's taxes and there's a foreign intelligence service on your system."
~ MI5's Head of Cyber

BBC Radio 4 recently aired a very interesting series on cyber espionage, theft, and war.

Under Attack: The Threat from Cyberspace
Under Attack: The Threat from Cyberspace

Reporter Gordon Corera interviewed numerous individuals including Michael Hayden (Former Director of the N.S.A.), Toomas Hendrik Ilves (President of Estonia), and MI5's Head of Cyber (who preferred not to be named). Episode 3 is still available for a limited time.

A 50 minute compilation is available from BBC World Service.

BBC World Service, Documentaries
Download (Available indefinitely.)

And if you're interested in security… you're probably also interested in privacy.

"Mobile phones really are now tracking devices that let us make calls."
~ Nick Pickles, Director of Big Brother Watch

BBC Radio 4: Privacy Under Pressure

Rovio — The Golden Egg of Mobile Advertising — gets a mention of course.