NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pity Team Lokki, They Have No Time to Enjoy the Sun Posted by Sean @ 11:41 GMT

We've had nearly a week of beautiful summer-like weather in Helsinki (which is not always the case in late August).

So why in the world is "Team Lokki" sitting in their room with the blinds closed?

Team Lokki

No time to enjoy the sun — because they've got a tight schedule to keep, developing updates for Lokki.

iPhone, Lokki splash

What's Lokki?

It's kind of a non-tracking tracking app. In other words, it's a lifestyle app that lets you share your location with a few select people.

No social networks. No big data. No histories.

Just you, your immediate family, and now also a few friends, sharing your current location.

You can read more here: lok.ki/blog

The team is acting like a startup. The "we've maxed out our credit cards to make this dream fly" kind — not the sexy venture capital funded kind — as you can probably tell from the photo above. (Pay no attention to the empty bottle on Harri's desk.) But in any case, the team's project is in its early stages and they are open to and would very much appreciate feedback. And it will directly influence the app's development path.

Lokki is currently available for Android and iOS.

It's not yet available in all countries (legal mumbo jumbo is in progress).

Here's a link to the Canadian iTunes page.

If you see this page in Google Play:


You can use this link from AppBrain, an Android app portal.


P.S. – A small word of caution for those of you in the United States, using the AppBrain referrer to circumvent Google's censorship could be considered in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Just kidding, but also not. Maybe. It's time to reform the CFAA.