NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Facebook Name Search Changes Posted by Sean @ 13:49 GMT

Facebook is changing a privacy setting. Shocking, right? Anyway, the setting is not used by most people and is called: who can look up your timeline by name. Here's the justification from Facebook:

This is either a big deal or not, and that may have to do a lot with your name.

For some of us, the signal to noise ratio already provides a relatively anonymous experience.

While for others…

Probably the key reason that Mikko doesn't really use Facebook.

Some folks (mostly women from what we've seen) even tweak their names just a bit, so they'll be unsearchable.

Whatever your privacy tactics, if you have a Facebook account, now is a good time to review the settings at facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy. We recommend turning off: Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?

Updated to add: By the way, do you know somebody who needs some privacy settings advice?

Refer them to our Facebook app: F-Secure Safe Profile.