NEWS FROM THE LAB - Thursday, November 14, 2013

Don't Do Business With These Companies Posted by Mikko @ 19:26 GMT

What do Inteqno, Altran Strategies, Deticaconsulting and Nezux have in common?





Well, first of all, they are all one and the same. Or actually, none of them are real companies at all. They are phony online shells run by online criminals. They only serve one purpose: to make it appear that these companies are legitimate, that they really exists and that they have a history. These are needed so they have enough credibility to try to hire people.

So what kind of people are phony companies hiring? Specifically, they are hiring money mules (definition). Of course, these companies don't label positions as "money mules", they call the job position "Customer Assistant" or "Operations Assistant"


These companies post job offers on sites like Linkedin and send them out via direct emails.

Sites involved with money mule scams used to be very easy to tell at first glance. No Google history. WHOIS data hidden with Privacy Protect. Site content lifted directly from a real company. Robots.txt preventing site indexing. None of those are true for these sites. Nevertheless, avoid them like plague.