NEWS FROM THE LAB - Friday, November 22, 2013

CryptoLocker: Your "Order" is Being Processed Posted by Sean @ 13:01 GMT

Today we uploaded a CryptoLocker encrypted file to its "Decryption Service".

We were promptly provided our Order ID:

CryptoLocker Decryption Service, Search in Progress, By using this service, you can purchase private key and decrypter for files encrypted by CryptoLocker.

We've read that a public/private key pair match can take up to 24 hours. But ours was found in under one.

CryptoLocker Decryption Service, Key Pair Found

Because our encrypted file was created today, the price of the private key is 0.5 BTC. Note the price will change to 4 BTC on Tuesday (after 72 hours have passed).

At the time of this post, that's equal to approximately 3,000 USD or 2,200 EUR.