NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Flappy Bird SID PSA Posted by Sean @ 13:12 GMT

The delightfully strange phenomenon known as "Flappy Bird" has been removed from app stores by its creator, Dong Nguyen.

But removal from Google Play is no obstacle for some dedicated Android fans. At the moment, a search for "flappy bird apk" will yield multiple links to legitimate copies of the app.

Flappy Bird

And while that's all well and good at present… we fully expect counterfeit copies with unwanted spyware to enter the mix before long.

So as a public service, in the spirit of Safer Internet Day, we offer you the following information.

Flappy Bird v1.3 SHA1: 9f472383aa7335af4e963635d496d606cea56622
First seen by our back end systems: 2014-01-31 02:05:50

Except no substitutes! — Or better yet, stick to reputable app stores and don't download APKs from the Web.