NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Questions I'd Ask RSA's Coviello Posted by Sean @ 13:18 GMT

RSA's Executive Chairman, Arthur W. Coviello, gave his RSA Conference 2014 keynote on February 25th.

We're at a crossroads, he said.

Arthur W. Coviello, RSA Conference

And he called upon the nations of the world to adopt the following principles:

— 1) To renounce the use of "cyber weapons" and the use of the Internet for waging war.

— 2) To cooperate internationally in the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of cybercriminals.

— 3) To ensure that economic activity on the Internet can proceed unfettered and that intellectual property rights are respected around the world.

— 4) To respect and ensure the privacy of all individuals.

My questions for Coviello:

1) Trendy term. Renouncing "cyber weapons" is easy lip service. My take: Cyberwar Is Mostly Bunk. I suggest that Coviello should avoid hype terms, like the US Army does, and develop a more nuanced and informed opinion.

Can Coviello provide a working definition of "cyber weapons" so that we may all renounce them?

2) That's difficult to argue with. Unless… what's Coviello's definition of a "cybercriminal"? Aaron Swartz? I would like to know Coviello views on Computer Fraud And Abuse Act reform.

3) I didn't realize the Internet's primary purpose was to allow "unfettered" economic activity. Hmm… not sure what to make of this. Seems an awful lot like he is demanding that the world respect —American— intellectual property rights.

Does Coviello support copyright reform?

4) No question here. Coviello should have led with this.



Thanks in advance to anybody attending #RSAC who manages to get a straight answer from Mr. Coviello on any of these questions.