NEWS FROM THE LAB - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How many Beliebers will blindly click on a link? Posted by Sean @ 14:02 GMT

Somebody with access to Justin Bieber's Twitter account was "hacked" on March 8th. And for a brief period of time, the attacker was able to publish as Bieber. It's hardly worth mentioning except for the fact that the Tweets included a bit.ly link — and offers a few interesting statistics.

How many Beliebers clicked on the bit.ly links?


70,381 in total.

And where did the clicks come from?


The USA was the source of nearly 24,000 clicks. (Finland apparently has 348 true Beliebers.)


70 thousand clicks from more than 50 millions followers — that's not a very big percentage overall. But still, not a bad result for the spammer considering the account was only compromised for 15 minutes.

You can examine the stats for yourself at: bitly.com/1ezBYiQ+ (for now).