NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, December 31, 2014

False Positive: Exploit:JS/HuanJuanEK.A Posted by Antti @ 23:46 GMT

We've just fixed a false positive that detected content from many clean websites as Exploit:JS/HuanJuanEK.A.

The database that contained the false positive prone detection was F-Secure Hydra 2014-12-31_02. A fix is included in F-Secure Hydra 2015-01-01_01, which is already published. This false positive only affected our Web Traffic Scanning feature which scans content downloaded from websites. If you are still seeing the detection, you can check if you've received the latest update:

Hydra update

Our apologies for any trouble. And, despite of this, Happy New Year to everyone!

-- Antti