NEWS FROM THE LAB - Wednesday, April 22, 2015

CozyDuke, TLP: White Posted by Sean @ 14:24 GMT


This whitepaper provides an overview of CozyDuke, a set of tools used by one or more malicious actors for performing targeted attacks against high profile organizations, such as governmental organizations and other entities that work closely with these institutions.

The CozyDuke toolset, which we believe has been under active development since at least 2011, consists of tools for infecting targeted hosts, establishing and maintaining backdoor access to the hosts, gathering information from them and gaining further access to other hosts inside the victim organization.

Based on command and control (C&C) server information found being used by CozyDuke tools, we believe the CozyDuke toolset is used by at least one malicious actor who also uses, or at the least shares infrastructure with actors using the known threats, MiniDuke and OnionDuke.

Download CozyDuke White Paper

Research by @lehtior2