About the Western Digital® SmartWare™ Virtual CD

The WD SmartWare Virtual CD (VCD) included on your WD hard drive mimics an ordinary physical CD that is indistinguishable to your hard drive. The WD SmartWare VCD contains the software you need to start using the WD SmartWare software to organize, back up, retrieve, and secure your files as well as other essential information, and has the additional benefit of avoiding wear and tear, damage, or loss of a physical CD.

In addition, updates to the WD SmartWare VCD, when available, are automatically downloaded from the web to your drive so you don’t have to wait for the arrival of a physical replacement CD.

To view the contents of the WD SmartWare VCD, do one of the following:

What’s on the WD SmartWare VCD?

The WD SmartWare VCD includes the following:

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