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    Latest Y2K News

    First business day in year 2000 started
    Mon Jan 3 06:05:29 2000

    If there would be new widespread viruses, most of the infections would be found during today, Monday the 3rd - the first business day of year 2000.

    However, it is already afternoon in Australia and Asia, and nothing new has been reported. Day is starting right now in Europe.

    We do not excpect any significant news over today either.

    Some Y2K bugs found, but nothing serious
    Sun Jan 2 11:05:15 2000

    As there are no news to report on Y2K Virus front, we've collected information on other types of Y2K problems located so far. This information comes from a variety of sources, including several newswires.

    In Munchen, Germany, 495 parking tickets we're sent by the government with a due date of 11.1.00. The tickets were calculated with 100 years of interest.

    In UK, a large set of credit card swipe machines failed to accept credit cards.

    Some Microsoft web sites listed open positions for several jobs starting at "1.1.1900". Several other web sites had similar date problems, listing dates like 1900, 19100, 2099 or 20100.

    In Helsinki, Finland, the local taxi central lost a database of all pre-ordered rides for January 2000. This loss happened some hours after midnight on January first. Spokesman said they can't recover the data and requested people to rebook their rides.

    Hospitals in Sweden and Egypt reported non-lethal bug bites in medical equipment.

    In Japan, a computer linked to radiation monitoring systems seized.

    Some locations in USA, Spain and Finland reported problems with electronic door locks either keeping an area permanently open or closed.

    Several satellites had problems. France said one of its defense satellite systems lost the ability to detect equipment failures. Likewise, some U.S. spy satellites (echelon?) reported temporary problems.

    In Delaware, USA, several hundred slot machines shut down for a while at a Delaware horse track.

    Some taxi meters broke down in a China province.

    Egypt's national news wire service briefly stopped filing, but quickly fixed their problem.

    In Tokyo, Japan, train ticket vending machines stopped briefly in 13 stations.

    Mostly peace and quiet
    Sat Jan 1 12:52:13 2000

    With no real Y2K virus incidents and relatively few real Y2K computer problems reported so far, F-Secure Y2K Watch team will keep posting updates to this page - whenever anything important happens.

    Otherwise, happy new year from all of us at F-Secure to all of you and thanks for all the positive feedback on our status update service.

    Latest virus descriptions available
    Sat Jan 1 07:30:48 2000

    To read descriptions of the latest viruses we've analysed, have a look at
    the list of new entries in our virus description database:


    No news from USA
    Sat Jan 1 05:32:30 2000

    The eastern parts of North and South America have now passed into year 2000 - with no news on Y2K viruses.

    Waiting for USA
    Sat Jan 1 01:40:47 2000

    Nothing new is happening, we'll take a short break while we're waiting for new year to start in eastern USA. Stay tuned.

    Don't overreact on virus alerts
    Sat Jan 1 00:47:04 2000

    Computer Associates and Panda Software have put out some Y2K virus alerts recently. These include warnings for Trojan.Kill_Inst98, Win32.Crypto, Lucy2000, Esmeralda.807, Spaces.1633 and VBS.Tune.

    These viruses exist, although anti-virus products might detect them with other names.

    However, none of these viruses is particularily widespread and none of them are currently cause of concern.

    F-Secure Anti-Virus either detects these viruses already or we're analysing them currently.

    Finland passed the 2000 mark safely
    Fri Dec 31 22:42:51 1999

    Finland, where the F-Secure HQ is located, is now safely living in the 21st century. Nothing further to report - we've received less than ten virus samples during the Y2K evening.

    Quite Quiet
    Fri Dec 31 19:53:11 1999

    It's not only quiet on virus front but quiet on any kind of Y2K problems.

    We're expecting more news as the day gets further in USA.

    Country reports from Australasia arrived
    Fri Dec 31 18:05:11 1999

    We've received more thorough reports from our correspondents in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. All of them repeat the same story - no special virus problems or indeed Y2K problems at all.

    We'd like to thank our correspondents: Antony Steele / Australia, Mr. Peng / Singapore, Allan Dyer / Hong Kong, Yosuke.Ito / Japan and John Hardcastle / New Zealand.

    Nothing new on the Y2K virus front
    Fri Dec 31 16:46:18 1999

    There have been no new developments on the Y2K virus front. Watch this space for more information during the next 18 hours.

    New Anti-Virus Updates Available
    Fri Dec 31 16:10:05 1999

    Download our latest update to detect and disinfect AntiQFX, Kak and Tune worms.

    We have just published the new updates for F-Secure Anti-Virus. These updates detect AntiQFX, Kak, Tune and some other viruses, worms and trojans. This is not a Y2k-related malware and it appeared during the last few days. So far we haven't received any new Y2k-related malware.

    New Zealand and Australia passed into the new Millennium
    Fri Dec 31 13:24:27 1999

    Nothing further to report on the Y2K virus front. We've received some new virus samples, as usual, but nothing alarming.

    Fri Dec 31 11:59:59 1999

    The new year 2000 has already started in the first nations of the world.
    We're happy to announce that so far, no significant Y2K virus issues
    have been found.

    F-Secure's Y2K Team continues to monitor the Y2K virus situation over the
    next few days and will post regular updates to this page.


    Before Christmas 1999, about ten Y2K-related viruses were known, of which
    two were known to be in the wild. After Christmas, two new interesting
    viruses have been found: Win32.Crypto and VBS.Tune. Although these viruses
    have been released just before Y2K and they do contain technologically
    interesting features, neither of these viruses is known to be spreading in
    the wild. They are not likely to cause large-scale damage over new year.
    F-Secure Anti-Virus detects and stops these new viruses.


    Our view continues to be that Y2K viruses will not pose significant problems.


    Although F-Secure does not monitor other than virus-related Y2K
    incidents, we can note that only two widely reported problems caused by the
    Y2K bug have been found during the past two days (parking ticket problems
    in Munich, Germany and credit card reader problems in UK).


    Stay tuned, we'll keep you up-to-date.