Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Home: labsblog.f-secure.com Posted by Sean @ 10:35 GMT

This blog – News from the Lab – was started 4,232 days ago to monitor the Mydoom worm's DDoS attack on sco.com.

A bit more than 11 years and two months… and we're now moving this blog to a new home.

  •  https://labsblog.f-secure.com


If you follow News from the Lab via an RSS feed, point your reader of choice here. (We'll setup a 301 redirect in the near future.)

You can also "follow" us via Twitter at @FSLabs. We'll Tweet links to post, and other things, there.

So, what happens to the content at f-secure.com/weblog? For now, it stays right here. You'll find the archives here and you can search it with Bing. Why Bing? Because Google started censoring largely stopped indexing this blog back in October 2012. Something about our old-school approach with a full RSS feed clashed with Google's "Penguin" algorithm. (So much for organizing the world's information.) Bottom line, you don't have a right to be remembered by a search engine if it doesn't further its business interests. To be fair, Google had a big problem fighting against content farmers at the time, and we just got caught in the middle. Content farmers can take our full feed and republish it at will. And so out went the baby with the bathwater.

More about that in the future, perhaps.

Final thought: how has this blog remained secure when it's been running a platform version originally released on Jul 4, 2007? Simple. The platform has never been "on" the web! This Greymatter blog runs on an internal server, and we use a script to copy the content to a web-based folder. So what you are reading right now is only a copy.

Now it's time to try something different. We look forward to seeing you there.